High Water

Meow! Splash! Oops! Oh well. An all-ages workshop showing of a new object-based performance exploring buoyancy and negligence.

Macromatter incorporates live performance, handmade objects, and animated processes in design-based performance.
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Meow! Splash! Oops! Oh well. An all-ages workshop showing of a new object-based performance exploring buoyancy and negligence.

FREE for Magnetic North Attendees
June 1 at 2pm. Presentation House Theatre in North Vancouver.

One performer. One 50-gallon drum of water. One fish tank. One horizon of water rising towards the inevitable…

High Water follows a consistently changing landscape of everyday objects which are built and transformed by the water immersing each tiny world. The play of cause and effect forces repeated moments of jeopardy and rescue, or decisive abandonment. Every moment is an experiment; some objects float, others sink, some dissolve and disappear, there may be a chain reaction, or maybe something strapped. High Water is an odd and curious inquiry into buoyancy - a series of tests, misfires, and marvels. It is an epic record of civilizations and historic events masquerading as a cheap party trick.


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