2016 Festival

Town Criers


Theatre Replacement (Vancouver)
Directed by James Long & Maiko Yamamoto

Town Criers treats everyday considerations as the news, and then filters them through the live body in a unique, oratorical sculpture.

Writers in Whitehorse, Halifax, and Manila type out observations about the world unfolding around them. These texts are sent to 3 town criers via tablet — the modern day version of the trusty scroll. On distinct sites along the Yukon River in downtown Whitehorse, the criers ring their bells and share this experience of human connection for all to hear.

Town Criers is an outdoor, walk-up performance that does not have seating provided. Please wear comfortable foot wear and weather appropriate clothing. You can also bring portable chairs or blankets to sit on. 

Costume Design: Barb Clayden & Leah Weinstein
Theatre Replacement Artist-in-Residence: Conor Wylie
Casting Producer: Hazel Venzon
With support from Gwaandak Theatre

Town Criers is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, Province of British Columbia and The Eco Art Incubator.


June 17:     12:30PM     Pay-What-You-Decide       Reserve Your Spot
June 17:     4:30PM       Pay-What-You-Decide       Reserve Your Spot
June 18:     12:30PM     Pay-What-You-Decide       Reserve Your Spot
June 18:     4:30PM       Pay-What-You-Decide       Reserve Your Spot

Runtime: 60 Minutes


Shipyard Park, Rotary Park & Whitehorse Waterfront Wharf, Whitehorse, YT



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