Tomboy Survival Guide

. Ivan Coyote (Whitehorse) Presented by Yukon Arts Centre Directed by Ivan Coyote Created and Performed by Ivan Coyote, Alison Gorman, Pebbles Willekes & Sally Zori Tomboy Survival Guide is part anthem, part campfire story, and part instructions for the dismantling […]

Prophecy Fog

. Paper Canoe Projects (Toronto) in association with The Theatre Centre Written & Performed by Jani Lauzon Directed by Franco Boni Dramaturgy by Franco Boni Prophecy Fog is a personal story of place and identity. Based on a […]

Town Criers

. Theatre Replacement (Vancouver) Directed by James Long & Maiko Yamamoto Town Criers treats everyday considerations as the news, and then filters them through the live body in a unique, oratorical sculpture. Writers in Whitehorse, Halifax, and Manila type out […]