2016 Festival

Pop-Up Love Party

Pop-Up Love Party Web

Zuppa Theatre Co. (Halifax)
By Susan Leblanc, Stewart Legere, Alex McLean & Ben Stone
Directed by Alex McLean
Featuring a 7-course Snack Menu by Executive Chef Daniel Burns
& Head Chef Dennis Johnston

What is love? Pop-Up Love Party pits Zuppa Theatre’s performers against one another in a contest to explain erotic love. With the arts of persuasion, theatre and cookery, they bring the ancient ideas of Plato’s Symposium alive in a 21st century drinking party. And not a single sense is left behind, thanks to a 7-course snack menu by Michelin-starred chef, Daniel Burns.

But this ain’t no dinner theatre. It’s a philosophical feast, a sensory slip n’ slide, and a theatrical experience so unique it could only come from deep in the pulsing Zuppa heart. 7-course snack menu included in ticket price, cash bar available on-site.

Video Design: Nick Bottomley

Grab a sneak peek of the sensory slip n’ slide that is Pop-Up Love Party:


June 13:     10:00PM        $35        Buy Tickets Sold Out
June 14:     10:00PM        $35        Buy Tickets Sold Out
June 15:     10:00PM        $35        Buy Tickets Sold Out
June 16:     10:00PM        $35        Buy Tickets Sold Out

Runtime: 90 Minutes


Miner’s Daughter Restaurant, 103 Main Street, Whitehorse, YT

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