Pay-What-You-Decide: the newest way to enjoy theatre


Imagine going to a performance, watching it in its entirety, and then paying for it at the end. Not a specific amount, just whatever you felt that the experience was worth.

For the first time in Canada, we are launching our festival based in large part on this Pay-What-You-Decide model. Four shows will offer their entire run of tickets for a PWYD option. All other shows will have a Pay-What-You-Decide Preview or Opening Night (excluding Pop-Up Love Party), which you can reserve on-line.

Why are we leaving the decision of price in the hands and pockets of our audiences? We want you to enjoy the many amazing shows of the 2016 festival without having to worry about taking a risk on something you might not love. Your participation in this new and unique model can help chart the course for future festivals being entirely PWYD.

With so many exciting shows in the 2016 festival, we want to offer you the chance to see whichever ones you think might interest you and not be afraid to risk the price of admission by deciding what you want. Join us in the Yukon forest under the midnight sun, or at an improv theatre production where the hero of the play is plucked from the audience, or at a musical set in a historic building and written about a local dog – all while being able to relax and take in theatre in all its forms at whatever price you chose.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited capacity in some venues, you can only reserve 2 tickets per show per order. Paid reservations will be guaranteed whereas unpaid reservations will only be guaranteed until 15 minutes before the show.

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