The Industry Series

Feature Sessions 2The Industry Series is a place to develop connections, forge new working relationships, and book future tours. Our Industry Series is a valuable forum for Canada’s foremost theatre leaders to gather and discuss the potential for working together. With export development as a top priority, the festival provides exceptional access to presenters from across Canada and around the globe. For this reason, Magnetic North’s Industry Series has become a vital part of the Canadian theatre landscape.

Networking occurs through events like Meet-Ups, Pitches, presentation events, and keynote conversations. Another way to make valuable connections is through 15 minute scheduled meetings called One-2-One’s. Our One-2-One sessions allow Registered Industry Delegates (RID) the opportunity to request meetings with other registered delegates.

Expand Your Market

The Industry Series is a professional gathering place. Image Credit: Michelle Doucette PhotographyNational and international presenters are given condensed access to high quality, tour-ready Canadian theatre. Our Industry Series facilitates business and networking opportunities to enable presenters and artists to formalize tour planning. Canadian theatre companies are exposed to new audiences and touring opportunities, leading to a more accessible, global theatre market. Industry professionals from across the country can also collaborate, resulting in higher caliber productions with increased economic viability.

We work towards creating a series that performers can easily navigate to build a strong sense of relationship, export readiness, and skill development. Our Industry Series offers a large variety of programming, and features professional development opportunities such as:

International Partnerships

International Presenters join us at our Industry Series. Image Credit: Michelle Doucette PhotographyEach year the Industry Series attracts presenters and producers from around the world looking for new Canadian work for their own venues and festivals. Each of the international delegates has been selected for their interest in Canadian work, and has an aesthetic taste that will draw them to the performances featured at the festival.



Registration Information

Registration for our 2017 Industry Series will be open in the new year, please check back in 2017.