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Help support our Indiegogo campaign

We’re running an Indiegogo campaign until June 3 to help bring Guerrilla Theatre to the streets of Ottawa during this year’s Festival. Guerrilla street theatre is one of our favourite new festival features, premiering last year at our festival in Halifax, NS.

Guerrilla Theatre is one of the exciting new ways we’re trying to make Magnetic North more accessible. By doing short pop-up street performances in public spaces, our Guerrilla Theatre artists will engage passerby’s in the fun and surprise of theatre, exposing them to the creative process in a personal and exciting way.

By supporting our Indiegogo campaign, you’ll help us commission 8 local theatre artists to take their shows to the streets of Ottawa during our festival this June. Our artists will create short (5-10 minute) pop-up theatre pieces to be performed on the streets, on buses, in shopping malls — anywhere people gather! We want to create art in unexpected places, turn your everyday walk or commute from ordinary to extraordinary, and give local artists the opportunity to display their talent and passion for theatre in an fun way.

Our Indiegogo goal of $5000 will allow us to:

  • Employ 8 local theatre artists/companies, at a rate of $125 per hour
  • Publicize the performances
  • Provide site specific support
  • Cover the costs of the campaign perks


We also have great rewards, as our way of saying thank you for supporting our campaign: T-shirts, bags, buttons, posters, dinner with our Artistic Director Brenda Leadlay, even a VIP trip to our 2016 Festival in Whitehorse, YT. Check out all the great swag, and learn more details about the campaign, by clicking below.

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