Forest walk meets immersive theatre in this unique show

Dancers at Theatre in the Bush Yukon

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Set deep in Yukon’s boreal forest Ramshackle Theatre’s Theatre in the Bush takes the ritual and mad magic of a bush party and distills it into an interactive, multidisciplinary event.

Under the midnight sun, audiences will be organized into small groups and taken on guided tours through a forest filled with secret performances and installations. In this unique format, groups will spend ten minutes at each of the mini theatres set amidst spruce trees and mountains. Artists and performers will entertain and engage the audiences before the bell signalling the next step in the inspiring journey begins.

Featuring a line-up of the best and brightest Yukon creators and special guests from across the country, Theatre in the Bush offers playful, daring theatre mixed with a healthy dose of folksy Yukon charm.

Local Performers and Installation Artists:

  • Miche Genest
  • Jordy Walker
  • Geneviève Doyon
  • Jessica Hickman
  • Eric Epstein
  • Tara Kolla Hale
  • Barb Hinton
  • Joclyn McDowell
  • John Streicker
  • Emily Woodruffe

National Artists

  • Cliff Cardinal
  • Lucas Myers
  • Conor Wylie

Musical Guests
Ryan McNally and Brigitte Desjardins

An annual Yukon favourite, with a different blend of artists and performances each year, Theatre in the Bush sells out quickly. The show is offered for two nights during the 2016 festival and is Pay-What-You-Decide both nights.

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