2016 Festival

Immersive performances offer audiences a whole new experience

Interactive, immersive, experiential…call it what you will – it is a new and exciting way to enjoy live performances. This year’s festival offers a number of experiences that put the audience in the spotlight and hand over the reins of leading the performance itself.  The beauty about immersive theatre is that each show provides the audience with a different way to engage – and this year’s Festival line-up is no exception.

Photo by Mel Hattie

Photo by Mel Hattie


This exciting and logistically mind-boggling production will take place in two cities at once – Whitehorse and Ottawa. Each audience member is led by an audio walking tour. They embark on it with their audience double in the other city all the while texting one another to share their experiences in real time. As the experience unfolds, individuals are prompted to share stories, memories, and secrets.

This show is selling out fast! There are only three performances with tickets left – don’t miss your chance to experience this unique show.

Theatre in the Bush

Set deep in the Yukon’s forest, Theatre in the Bush takes participants in small groups of ten on guided tours of the many performances and installations. Artists have a week to come up with their pieces and many feature interactive elements. Past years have included an underwear fight, choose-your-own-adventure puppet theatre, and more.

LHI reduced

Legend Has It

This play offers spontaneous theatre at its finest. Partially structured, with a spotlight on improvisation, one willing person from the audience is invited on stage to be the Hero on an epic adventure. The cast mingles in the lobby pre-show to determine who might be interested and game, always careful to respect our patrons who would prefer to sit back and enjoy. *please note* This is a Mature Content (16+) performance, with a family friendly version on June 12.

Magnetic Encounters

Beyond the stage and shows, this year’s Festival offers a number of ways for audiences to interact with performers and engage in activities inspired by the shows themselves. From a s’mores and story night around the Festival campfire to yoga with puppies on The Wharf, there will be plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself fully into this year’s Festival.


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