Our 2016 Festival is taking us north for the first time to Whitehorse, YT from June 9-18. Experience a 10-day cultural adventure as we bring together some of Canada’s best theatre artists in the land of the midnight sun. Click on the shows below for full performance details, schedule, and ticket information.

Check out our 2016 Performances below:

Legend Has ItLegend Has It
Spontaneous Theatre (Toronto/Calgary). Co-presented by Yukon Arts Centre
In this funny and heart-warming fantasy adventure, a mystical world is threatened by an evil force. Legend has it there’s a hero out there who will take on a quest to right these wrongs. Could it be you? Rebecca Northan and her band of master improvisers invite an audience member on stage to be the hero in this fantastic tale that takes you on a new adventure with every performance. 

Pop-Up Love PartyPop-Up Love Party
Zuppa Theatre Co. (Halifax)
Zuppa’s performers are pitted against one another in a contest to explain erotic love in Pop-Up Love Party. With the arts of theatre, persuasion, and cookery, they bring the ancient ideas of Plato’s Symposium alive in a 21st century drinking party. And not a single sense is left behind, thanks to a 7-course snack menu by Michelin-starred chef Daniel Burns.

We Are Not AloneWe Are Not Alone
A 2b theatre company (Halifax) Production. Created by Crow’s Theatre and Segal Centre for Performing Arts
The question is not are they really here? The real question is: what are they trying to tell us? In a world populated by mysterious sightings and inexplicable crop circles, an obsessed playwright searches for answers. Multi-award winning performer Damien Atkins invites you to experience a funny and moving theatrical ride into one of the most extraordinary and provocative subjects of our time.

Theatre in the BushTheatre in the Bush
Ramshackle Theatre (Whitehorse)
Set deep in Yukon’s boreal forest, Theatre in the Bush takes the ritual and mad magic of a bush party and distills it into an interactive theatre event. Under the light of the midnight sun, audiences are led through the woods to remote venues where Yukon artists and national collaborators present playful, daring creations with a healthy dose of folksy northern charm.

LANDLINELANDLINE: Whitehorse to Ottawa
xosecret (Secret Theatre, Halifax)
LANDLINE is a new kind of theatre, a performance that takes place in two places at once. Inspired by the immensity of Canada and how we use technology to break down the distance, participants walk city streets listening to an audio guide and conversing in real time with a stranger using text messaging. Using the urban landscape as backdrop, you are the audience, but you are also the actor.

Concord FloralConcord Floral
Suburban Beast (Toronto)
Concord Floral is a million square foot abandoned greenhouse and a hangout for neighbourhood kids. But something has happened there. Something that nobody can talk about. In this re-imagining of Giovanni Boccaccio’s medieval allegory The Decameron in a contemporary Canadian suburb, ten teens must flee a mysterious plague they have brought upon themselves.

Prophecy FogProphecy Fog
Paper Canoe Projects (Toronto)
Prophecy Fog is a personal story of place and identity. Based on a journey to the Mojave Desert to visit Giant Rock, it uses text, video, and music to weave a conscious remembering of ancient prophecies, rock teachings, and star beings. Once home to sacred ceremonies, Giant Rock now stands covered in graffiti and broken bottles. But Giant Rock has stories to share, if we are willing to listen.

Town CriersTown Criers
Theatre Replacement (Vancouver). Co-presented by Yukon Arts Centre
In one part of the city, writers type out observations of the world unfolding around them. A town crier receives these observations via a tablet — a modern day version of the trusty scroll. The criers ring their bell and declare these observations to the public. Town Criers treats everyday considerations as news, and then filters them through the live body in a unique, oratorical sculpture.

My Brain Is PlasticMy Brain Is Plastic
Whitehorse Independent Theatre (Whitehorse)
In this coming of age story about a girl and her troubles, this one-woman show uses the lens of neuroscience to help us realize we all have the ability to re-wire our thinking and change our habits because of our incredibly plastic brain. Storytelling and interactive media give even more emotional texture to this moving piece about hope, and ultimately, healing.

Dogtown: the Musical
Nakai Theatre and Yukon Circus Society (Whitehorse)
Inspired by real events in Whitehorse, Dogtown: the Musical comes to a standstill when neighbours are set against neighbours, families are split, and the Supreme Court is pitted against Bylaw Services over the fate of Trevor the Dog. Trevor has been rescued from an abusive owner, but sentenced to be euthanized because he’s bitten a human. But should he be executed, if his actions stem from his abuse?

Map of the Land, Map of the StarsMap of the Land, Map of the Stars
Gwaandak Theatre (Whitehorse) 
Follow Yukon’s rivers, trails, and the people who travel them, from First Peoples to waves of newcomers. This new project in development gathers artists to explore and string together story-beads from our land. Creating brand-new stories by and for Yukoners, which acknowledge and honour our rich and diverse history, in a collaborative Indigenous-centred process. A sharing of a work-in-progress.

Tomboy Survival GuideTomboy Survival Guide
Ivan Coyote (Whitehorse). Presented by Yukon Arts Centre. 
Tomboy Survival Guide is part anthem, part campfire story, and part instructions for the dismantling of the gender stories we tell ourselves and each other. Writer and storyteller Ivan Coyote and an all-tomboy band invite you to join them as they navigate the halls of public washrooms, skirt the threat of being picked to be a flower girl at their aunt’s wedding, triumph over tying a double Windsor knot, and discover the power and beauty in realizing they were handsome all along. 

Image Credits: Sean Dennie( Legend Has It), Mel Hattie (Pop-Up Love Party), Agence Ecorce (We Are Not Alone), Jon Gelinas (Theatre in the Bush), Mel Hattie (LANDLINE), Erin Brubacher (Concord Floral), Samuel Choisy (Prophecy Fog), Maiko Yamamoto (Town Criers), Cathie Archbould (My Brain Is Plastic), Fubar (Tomboy Survival Guide).