Theatre in the Bush

. Ramshackle Theatre (Whitehorse) Concept Created by Brian Fidler Directed by Brian Fidler Ensemble: Miche Genest, Jordy Walker, Geneviève Doyon, Jessica Hickman, Eric Epstein, Tara Kolla Hale, Barb Hinton, Joclyn McDowell, John Streicker, Emily Woodruffe, Cliff Cardinal, Lucas Myers, Conor Wylie and Ken Anderson Musical Guests: Ryan McNally and Brigitte Desjardins Set […]

Town Criers

. Theatre Replacement (Vancouver) Directed by James Long & Maiko Yamamoto Town Criers treats everyday considerations as the news, and then filters them through the live body in a unique, oratorical sculpture. Writers in Whitehorse, Halifax, and Manila type out […]

Concord Floral

. Suburban Beast (Toronto) Written by Jordan Tannahill Directed by Erin Brubacher & Cara Spooner Originally Created by Erin Brubacher, Cara Spooner & Jordan Tannahill Ensemble: Madison Baines, Ofa Gasesepe, Aurel Pressat, Carolina Munoz Jasa, Connor McMahon, Sofie Milito, […]