2015 Festival

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Our 2015 Festival returns to Ottawa, ON from June 4-13 with the theme Radical Lessons for a Meaningful Life. Experience 10 days of thought-provoking theatre, fun audience encounters, and two sensational Pay-What-You-Can outdoor performances. Thank you for joining us!

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The Global SavagesThe Global Savages
(Manitoulin Island, ON)
Experience an honest, inspiring journey into the heart of what it means to be human. A sacred fire and open sky surround you as a small Anishnaabeg family share their 18 000 year-old story, one gifted to them through generations of elders.

Fiamma! An OperascapeFiamma! An Operascape
Mercury Opera (Edmonton, AB)
Edmonton’s Mercury Opera lights up the world-famous Rideau Canal with their spectacular brand of opera. Prepare to be enchanted by a unique blend of beloved arias, lavish costumes, and vocal pyrotechnics. This feast for the senses will dazzle the whole family.

Needles and OpiumNeedles and Opium
An Ex Machina Production (Québec) co-production with Théâtre du Trident (Québec), Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (Montréal), and Canadian Stage (Toronto)

Jean Cocteau, Miles Davis, and a tormented Québécois man share the stage in a mesmerizing and brilliantly visual play by Canadian theatrical genius Robert Lepage.

Young Drunk PunkYoung Drunk Punk
Bruce McCulloch (Toronto, ON)

Comedian, writer, and legendary Kid in the Hall Bruce McCulloch combines stand-up, live music and autobiographical insights in this solo show. Bruce chronicles his journey from wild early days as a ‘young punk’ in 80’s Alberta to a ‘pajama-clad dad’ living in the Hollywood Hills.

What Happened to the SeekerWhat Happened to the Seeker
STO Union (Ottawa, ON/ Wakefield, QC)

Seekers were 1960s youth who went out into the world to find spiritual fulfillment. This is the story of a child of the Seekers, and her quest to recapture a moment of enlightenment.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Theatre (Ottawa, ON/ Vancouver, BC)

“The world doesn’t need a lot of martyrs, but it needs a few.” In 1965 a young Quaker named Norman Morrison sets himself on fire to protest the Vietnam War, with his baby daughter at his side. Thirty-six years later, in the aftermath of 9-11, will she carry on his legacy?

Through the Gaze of a NavelThrough the Gaze of a Navel
The Chop (Vancouver, BC)

You’ve never experienced yoga like this, as self-proclaimed pop psychology expert Emelia Symington Fedy leads a class you can observe or participate in. More than a kiss-and-tell of a lifelong obsession, Emelia takes the sacred journey of a spiritual quest and sets it in hilarious context.

Up to LowUp to Low
Easy Street Productions and The Ottawa Children’s Theatre (Ottawa, ON)

This coming of age story traces a journey from Ottawa to Low, Quebec, through the Gatineau River communities of 1950. It’s a rollicking ride on a summer of first love and a quest for healing on a dark river.

Small Stage CanadaSmall Stage Canada
MovEnt (Vancouver, BC)

Join us in an intimate cabaret atmosphere as performing artists from across Canada open the doors to an original, inventive approach to live dance theatre. Sit back, relax, and have a drink as you prepare to be wildly entertained.

The Public ServantThe Public Servant
Great Canadian Theatre Company (Ottawa, ON)

Step inside the halls of power as Madge, a young, idealistic and enthusiastic civil servant, gets ready to write her first official memo. It’s an auspicious occasion that brings to light all the inner-workings and absurdities of government bureaucracy.

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